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The ADDventures of a practicing attorney in a southern state. I hope those in the law and those with ADD can find some comfort and help in these postings. The only real person in this blog is the author. The people described in this blog mostly represent sterotypes of some of the characters I see in my travels.

Location: Southern, United States

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Are You ADD? Part 1

One of my purposes for this blog is to try to help people. If anyone out there is ADD, being diagnosed will greatly help you find a new acceptance of yourself. Even if you never take medication, the diagnosis will bring new meaning to your life.

This article explains the criteria proposed by Dr. Ned Hallowell, a leading person in the ADD field. These criteria are different from the DSM criteria. I find his criteria and the explaination much better than the more dry and sterile DSM criteria.


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