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The ADDventures of a practicing attorney in a southern state. I hope those in the law and those with ADD can find some comfort and help in these postings. The only real person in this blog is the author. The people described in this blog mostly represent sterotypes of some of the characters I see in my travels.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

High Functioning ADDers

This blog is quite funny in an Australian/English sort of way. I love the line: "I'm the librarian who gets shushed by the patrons." Personally, I'm not a hyperactive ADDer. I'm the inattentive type. As a recently diagnosed ADDer, I now see that I have quite an attraction to other ADD people. Some of my closest friends are ADDers.

I sent the hyperactive librarian an email asking him how the heck he ever became a librarian. However, when I think about it, it's not that unusual. I see a whole lot of brilliant, dynamic, and generally high functioning people who are ADD.

Besides my favorite judge, I have a doctor friend who is so very dynamic. She's the hyperactive ADD and uses this to her great advantage. She is the consummate joiner of organizations and is president of many of them. She still practices medicine while also holding political office. Like many ADDers she has a strong sense of compassion and truly cares.

I know many ADDers who are engineers. Almost all of these people are highly structured. Unfortunately, some are so structured that many people can't stand them because they view them as anal retentive.

Obviously I know a lot of lawyers. I suspect that there are quite a number of ADD lawyers. I'm still pondering why this is the case. Many ADD lawyers are very talkative. Try not to get trapped at a party by an ADD attorney. I'm not so much that way because of my inattentive nature, but I know that when I get cranked up I can really talk.

The educated speculation is that Benjamin Franklin was ADD. His autobiography would clearly give a strong indication. Thomas Edison is also speculated to have been ADD.

Doctors, lawyers, engineers, authors, poets are all faces of ADD. You know many of these people. They have prospered, but I suspect many live with a lot of self doubt and insecurity.


Blogger gt said...

ADD is a personality type. It emphacises.. stresses... certain strengths at the expense of others. ADD folks make better hunters than farmers. They are often male, highly intelligent, creative, iconoclastic. Good with words and logic. The absent minded professor stereotype. So we are often librarians or lawyers or computer geeks.
A tribe does better if it has a mix of personality types, so our kind is selected for enough to keep us in the gene pool.

11:09 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not suspect, but was diagnosed by my shrink. Much more than inconvenienced coworkers pay the price, significant others I often forget mistake my diagnosed disorder as aloofness. I still have trouble accepting it as a disorder, because judging by my tax receipts, there is nothing wrong with me. However, judging by my long term personal life, I am not living up to my responsibility.

1:09 PM  
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