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Friday, December 03, 2004

Be Careful Exactly What You Ask an ADDer

This funny post comes from the Adult-Add-Issues group on Yahoo.  
My partner asks, "What are you thinking?" all the time. I KNOW you are
supposed to answer, "How much I love you, pooky." but, I often find
myself telling the truth. Cause relationships are SUPPOSED to be built
on honesty. But, it always sounds horrible.

"What are you thinking?" on a train through the Casades.

"How many people have used this huge unspoiled wilderness to hide the
bodies of their victims." True, albeit fleeting, thought of the exact
moment of the question.

Not exactly what he was looking for. Boy am I glad that the Nurontin
is helping with the bizarre thoughts. But, I am still going to answer
wrong on that question.


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