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The ADDventures of a practicing attorney in a southern state. I hope those in the law and those with ADD can find some comfort and help in these postings. The only real person in this blog is the author. The people described in this blog mostly represent sterotypes of some of the characters I see in my travels.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Rescuing the Advocate

I know that one of the reasons I became a lawyer was to try to correct injustices done to others. I've often had the problem of becoming too wrapped up in cases or issues. Especially when I really feel the pain of the person I'm trying to protect. When that pain moves something so deep in me, I feel that I MUST do something about it.

The frustration comes when despite how much you want to do something, you can't. It becomes even worse when you feel that you may have done things that made the situation worse.

Over the years of being a lawyer, I've learned to be more detached. Despite my best efforts, there are times I can't remain detached. That's when the advocate becomes the one who needs rescuing.


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