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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Notes from the (Legal) Underground: Depression, The Lawyers' Epidemic: How You Can Recognize the Signs

This is a subject in which I have a vested interest. I've been diagnosed as dysthymic. This is a persistant low grade depression that follows one around throughout life. I've also suffered from several bouts of rather severe depression in my life.

It is very common for someone with ADD to have comorbid depression. The medical world is unsure if this is just a natural part of the differences in the ADD brain or is caused by the constant situational stress caused by being an ADDer in a non-ADD world.

The frustrating part for me is that I know personally just how treatable depression is. The problem is that our society views depression as something we should just be able to snap out of by ourselves. Society also tends to view depression more as a defect in character than as a legitimate biochemical process.

I recently has a client come into my office. I could tell this person was very deeply depressed. I thought about saying something about this to him. I told myself that I'm not a doctor and that even though he appeared depressed that I was his lawyer and not his psychiatrist. So, I didn't say anything other than tell him that his situation was not as bad as it seems. About a week later, the friend who referred this guy called and told me that this person had committed suicide. I know that even if I had said something that this person might still have committed suicide. There's just this part of me that wishes that I had said something that day.

Whether you're a lawyer or not, the following post is invaluable information on some of the roots of depression. Let's see, how many lawyers do I know that are pessimists and perfectionists?

Notes from the (Legal) Underground: Depression, The Lawyers' Epidemic: How You Can Recognize the Signs


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