Law in Hyperspeed

The ADDventures of a practicing attorney in a southern state. I hope those in the law and those with ADD can find some comfort and help in these postings. The only real person in this blog is the author. The people described in this blog mostly represent sterotypes of some of the characters I see in my travels.

Location: Southern, United States

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Blog Plug - Life with ADHD

I'd love for my blog to be a great resource for people with ADD, but I have to face my limitations as a person. First, I have this "law thing" that I do. Second, I have this ADD thing that often makes life somewhat chaotic. So, often I have to look for material to continue to post.

One of the best blogs for people with ADD is Living With ADHD. I subscribe to it with RSS and enjoy the variety of posts. The blog contains not just links to other parts of the web, but in addition, material written by professionals and by people with ADD.

I'd recommend it to anyone with ADD.


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